Monday, July 26, 2010

Hcg diet Day #3

Weight 171.5
Well today has been a tough day. Went to work, but did not have a case. Makes for a long day, and gives me more time to think about being hungry. Did not sleep well last night so that did not help. Came home and took a nap which helped. Had dinner and I am still full, it is almost 9pm and I still have a fruit and toast to eat before bed. It is funny how I was starving all day, but now I am not hungry. Not sure why, but I have about a month to figure this all out. Down 3.5lbs and looking forward to stepping on the scale in the am. Never thought I would here myself say that.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hcg diet Day #2

Weight - 172.5
Yeah, I was so excited when I got up this morning and stood on that scale. I know some of the skeptics out there will probably say it is water weight that I lost, but I really don't care. This is the first time in months that the scale has gone down insted of up. I am having my green tea for breakfast and will keep on during the day. I am really excited about losing some weight before we go to Hawaii in Sept. I told Martin I might even get me a string bikini if I lost enough weight. Well day two out of a very long and hard process is over. I look forward to checking the scales tomorrow.

Hcg diet Day #1

Saturday July 24
weight -175
Drops - approx 1/2 dropper 6 times.
This morning I awoke and of course what is the one thing you think about when you know your on a diet and can not eat what you I tried to keep myself busy so I would not think about what I could not eat. I had my green tea for breakfast which I really don't like, but sometimes in life you just have to do what you have to do. I had my melba toast for my snack and then I set out to cut my chicken breast into 3.5oz pieces which I grilled with nothing but salt and pepper which I ate with cucumber. I had my 4 strawberries for dessert. Dinner consisted of grilled chicken and asparagus. I again had my strawberries. I drank water, unsweet tea, and green tea. I was a little hungry a couple of times during the day, but I just kept busy and made it through day 1. Now the big test will be the scale tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well it has been a while since I have updated my site, but life has been busy. I don't have much time after work between the gym and talking to family on the web cam. My parents, siter, daughter, son, and husband now all have web cams so we spend a lot of time on the computer catching up. It is great to be able to see people as well as talk to them. It makes the distance between us a little less.
Martin came for a visit last week and so I was a little busy catching up with him. We went to the coast on Friday and spent the night at a very romantic lodge with the bath tub in the window overlooking the ocean. It was a great time. We walked along the coast holding hands and just talking. It is hard to be apart for long periods of time, but it seems to make the little time we have together even more special. We ate out at a very fancy restaurant and had champagne by the fire in our room. On Saturday we drove further up the coast and visited Newport. It is a fishing town and we walked along the port. It was about 60 degrees on the coast with a breeze. I have learned that the coast here is a lot different than the Texas coast where the temperatures are very hot. It normally does not get above upper 60's to 70 degrees here. We saw kids playing in the sand in their winter coats. We headed home late Saturday afternoon and after driving about 15 minutes inland the temperature rose drasticlly. When we arrived back in Springfield the temp on my car read 99 degrees and only 1 hour inland. I have so far survived without an air conditioner, but if August proves to be much warmer I may have to give in and buy one.
Well I will close for now as it is lucnch time.
Updat you later.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday, June 28
Hey guys, just hanging out in the apartment, very bored. I did my first open heart case on Friday and all went well (no amazing). We have a locum surgeon for a couple of weeks until our permanent surgeon arrives. The surgeon is from England, and is just a delightful man to work with. He starts cardiovascular surgery programs in 3rd world countries as a ministry. He has a website for his charity called "". He only works in the states between ministry trips to earn money for his trips. He is so accommodating and asked the whole team to call him by his first name as is common here. Our first patient was a healthy 65 year old man that runs marathons, but has bad genes. He had a double bypass and was off the ventilator and talking to us about 1 hour after surgery. WOW!! I was very impressed. It is really neat to be able to see your patent's as they progress trough the recovery process since we are all in the same unit. I am really happy with my job and all the people I work with are great. We all went out after work Friday to have some Mexican food and a margarita. We had a great time, and the boss paid for dinner.
I got to talk to Meagan and the boy's on the web cam today and it was great to see them all. Martin went to Dallas for the weekend and took the laptop so we could talk to each other. Easton thought it was really cool, and Bowen just looked at the computer really funny. It was good to see Meagan, and yet a little difficult also since I haven's seen her in a while and won't see her for another month. I hope they will get a computer soon so I can talk to them more often. I talk to Martin just about every evening on the web cam so it makes it nice to talk to him and see him. I really miss you guy's alot.
I had my first session with my "trainer" at the gym on Friday evening and boy was it fun. Ha ha ha ha! It really was not all that bad but I am a little sore. I have been going to water aerobics on Monday and Wednesday evenings and I will work out with my trainer two evenings a week. I hope to get in better shape by the time we go on our cruise in late August.
I will attend a new church tomorrow and see how I like it. Maybe by next weekend I will have decided on a church home.
I really miss everyone and hope and pray you are all doing well. Take care and stay out of trouble.
Love ya,

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday, June 18
Monday we went to the coast to spend the day. It was a little cool, about 56 with a strong north wind OK, maybe it was cold. We visited the largest sea lion cave (which smelled like sea lion crap) and saw a great lighthouse. Stephen spent alot of time walking on the beach and found a bunch of star fish. He managed to pry one of them off a rock, it is now on my porch drying out. I am not sure how long this will take but in the mean time I have stayed off the porch due to the smell.
I got the guys on the plane yesterday to head back to Texas and spent the rest of the day just finding my way around town. I am getting better at navigating but still have to make a few u-turns on occasion.
I spent my first night alone last night and I was OK. Did not sleep very well due to the fact I sleep with my windows open (don't worry I live on the 2nd floor) and my neighbors were a little noisy when they were leaving this am. My neighbor downstairs works in the logging industry and goes to work at 3am. I guess one of the other neighbors goes in about 5am because I was again awakened by and a car leaving. Well, I guess I will either get used to it or get a fan, we will see.
Well today was my first day at the new job. I started out in orientation and I was the only one in the class so things went very fast. I did not have to hear the junk that did not apply to the OR. I was finished by about 1130 and returned to the unit. I spent the remainder of today and the week to learn the computer charting and finding all the necessities in the unit. We will have a locum surgeon starting on Monday so we should have have some cases by the end of next week. The new permanent surgeon starts mid July so we will be busy learning his ways and quirks, but I am excited about getting started with some cases.
Well enough news for now. Update ya'll later.
Miss ya'll,